Healthcare Organizations and Senior Living

Senior Living

The Covid-19 outbreak brought to light the challenge of keeping families of residents informed and feeling confident their loved one is safe and being properly cared for.  Secure, timely and consistent communication is more important than ever. The alska solution gives you the ability to simply and effectively send updates to family members and share any changes in protocols to protect your residents and your staff.  You can also share event calendars and menus.


The Covid 19 outbreak has left too many families in the dark because they are not able to enter the hospital or clinic with their loved one.  These changes are crucial to protecting the safety of patients and healthcare workers but there is a better way to manage care.  Keeping family caregivers aware of what is happening with their loved one and informed of their care needs eliminates unnecessary heartbreak and improves health outcomes. Making certain this information is shared securely and only with designated family members is essential to staying compliant with privacy requirements. The alska solution has been utilized for years by thousands of family caregivers and professional care teams to securely share information and keep everyone involved in care connected and informed. Implementation is completely virtual as well and can be rapidly scaled.  Contact us today to discover how we can help you improve patient and family satisfaction and health outcomes.