Introducing alska

Caregiving, made better.

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alska is a web based tool that helps you stay connected and better manage the details of care.

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How it works

alska is an easy-to-use solution for busy caregiving teams

Help your care team communicate and collaborate efficiently.

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Create your care team

Sign up to start your free trial and invite family, healthcare professionals, and friends to join your care team.

Set Permissions

Who can see what? You decide which members of your team can access medical and social content.

Upload Information

Prescriptions, advance directives, biometrics, insurance cards. All stored securely in the alska vault.

Stay Connected

Create care notes and share photos to keep your team up to date on your loved one's care.

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Why people love Alska

Care Resources

Advice for your caregiving journey. Ease the stress of caregiving with helpful tips from industry experts and fellow caregivers.