Empowering, educating and supporting caregivers

Become a more empowered, less stressed caregiver

Finally, a real tool for caregiving.

Our easy to use, web-based, mobile friendly platform provides tools to improve care coordination, access resources and optimize health outcomes.

Support working caregivers and improve employee satisfaction.

80% of working adults admit to providing care to a loved one in some capacity. The adverse health effects caused by the stress of caregiving costs employers billions. Provide your employee caregivers the tools and resources they need to take care of family members, eliminate absenteeism and reduce stress staying productive and happy at work.

Improve patient outcomes by empowering family caregivers pre and post discharge.

Adhering to care plans has been proven to reduce readmissions 10 – 40%. Rebound readmissions cost healthcare systems billions of dollars every year. With alska, hospitals can provide caregivers the tools they need to adhere to care plans, reduce readmission rates and reduce costs. ┬áImprove patient outcomes and patient satisfaction with alska.

Create your care team

Sign up to start your free trial and invite family, healthcare professionals, and friends to join your care team.

Set Permissions

Who can see what? You decide which members of your team can access medical and social content.

Upload Information

Prescriptions, advance directives, biometrics, insurance cards. All stored securely in the alska vault.

Stay Connected

Share care updates and photos to keep others up to date on your loved one's care.

Care Resources

Our secure, web based solution gives caregivers the tools and resources they need to reduce hospitalizations and improves communication among care teams.