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alska is a groundbreaking mobile friendly solution for caregivers and caregiving teams that includes secure storage of medical, legal and financial documents, a shared calendar for appointment management and permission settings so you decide what is shared with each carefully chosen care team member. You can even keep track of key vitals like blood pressure, weight and oxygen saturation or share your ultrasound photo and store your child's immunization record. Become a more organized and empowered caregiver today.

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A solution for caregivers that offers improved care coordination, access to resources, virtual support and one on one care navigation.

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alska means love and we know that every caregiving endeavor begins with a desire to provide the care and support those most precious to us deserve. Whether you are providing care to a parent, child, sibling, partner, spouse or friend, you are not alone. More than 43 million caregivers in the U.S. struggle daily with caregiving tasks, constant information gathering and a lack of access to valuable education and resources.

Our robust platform allows you to securely store vital medical information while making it accessible to you and others you choose including family members, physicians, teachers, and other professional care providers. No more three-ring binders, spiral notebooks or scraps of paper. We also offer virtual caregiver support groups and virtual one on one advocacy and care coordination sessions.   


Letter from founder

“As a healthcare professional, professional patient advocate and family caregiver I knew there had to be a more effective way to optimize delivery of care and empower individuals and caregivers. I believe caregivers are the invisible superheroes of our time and am passionate about offering the resources they need to reduce stress and improve the lives of those they love.  I invite you to experience the alska suite of secure online services and I welcome your suggestions and feedback.”


Michelle Chaffee      Founder & CEO alska

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