Must Have Items for your Baby Registry

Overwhelmed by the world of baby products? Especially for new parents, all of the products out there can be so daunting! The baby isles you used to walk down, longingly ogling the baby girl jumpers or the little man bow ties now provokes anxiety… wait – there are how many different types of strollers?? What is the difference between a bouncer and a rocker?? Everyone wants what is best for their baby… but who wants to have to take out a second mortgage to get it?

We have put together a list of a few items to get you thinking about what you might need. Yes, the list is longer than the “top 25” you see all over Pinterest because one parent to be’s nicety is the next person’s necessity! There is no “one size fits all.”

Hopefully, this list will get you thinking about what is available, the categories to consider, recommended brands, and considerations on where to save and where to splurge!

Car Seats
Register for both an infant car seat and a convertible car seat! One less thing you have to purchase down the road. We will cover what the difference is and what to look for in our live webinar on April 28th!

Car Seat Accessories
My public safety announcement! NOTHING goes into the car seat that is not specified by the car seat manufacturer!
Car Seat Cover for chilly months
Dual Facing Mirror so you can determine if the car ride is turning into nap time (which of course means a visit to the local drive through for a coffee to extend that precious nap time :))
Seat Protector especially for leather seats!

Baby Carrier
There are wraps that are snug for those newborn days, structured carriers which allow for a more comfortable fit and can be worn into the toddler years, and brands that have a hybrid of both. It is okay to register for more than one carrier! Many parents say it is one of their most used baby products. They can be used on walks, in the store, or just at home while trying to make dinner or fold laundry around the house. You can move and your baby is still snug as a bug in a rug in their favorite place – next to mom or dad!

Baby Monitor
Options range from audio only or easy plug and play video monitors to smart monitors that provide on staff sleep experts, to analyze baby’s sleep patterns.

Primary options are a single stroller, a single to double stroller (which is recommended if you are considering growing your family at any time in the future) or a jogging stroller. There are other great options out there for light weight, portable and travel strollers too. Think about your lifestyle and how you see yourself using your stroller(s). This is one of the rare baby products that will be with you for the long haul, so I recommend something that can go the distance!

Diapers! Register for a variety of sizes (hint: they are in sizes 3 and 4 for the longest period of time)
Toiletries like Butt Paste/Applicator, Infant Tylenol and Motrin, etc.
Changing Pad with a Wipeable Cover or a Wipeable Changing Pad (like the Keekaroo Peanut) that doesn’t require a cover.
Diaper Bag – most styles are either crossbody or backpack.. Think about your partner as well and what they would be comfortable carrying around!
Diaper Pail

General Feeding
Cleaning Accessories like the Grass Mat for drying and Bottle Brushes
Feeding Pillows like the Boppy or Breast Friend
Burp cloths – cloth diapers work great for this!

Formula Specific
Baby Breeza Formula Pro (it’s like a Keurig for formula :))
Bottle Warmer
Bottle Sanitizer

Breastfeeding Specific
Milk Storage Bags
Accessories for Mom: Mother Love Nipple Cream, Nursing Cover, Hands Free Nursing Bra, and Nursing Camisoles for discreet feedings

Big Kid Feeding
High Chair
Silicone (dishwasher safe!) Bibs like Otter Love
Silicone Suction Plates and Bowls
Sippy Cup

If You are Considering Making Your Own Purees:
Nutribullet or Cuisinart Food Processor if you do not have one in your kitchen already. Getting a standard blender instead of the baby one will allow you to use it long after the puree stage
Silicone Ice Cube Tray
Glass Food Storage like the ones from Green Sprouts to easily heat up or store purees
Snack Cup – Brave Justice Kids makes the best!

Bassinet, with Sheet and Mattress Pad
Mattress with Waterproof Mattress Pad Protector
Sheets (2 or 3)
Black Out Blinds or Curtains
Noise Machine
Pack and play
Light Muslin Blankets – Great for laying out on the floor for play time, snuggle naps, light blanket for out and about, nursing cover… just about everything!

Bath tub
Baby Towels (2-3)
Washrags (4)
Toddler Towels
Bath Soap
Baby Comb or Brush
Bath Toys

Health and Safety
Nasal Aspirator
Nail Clippers
Vitamin D Drops
SPF Clothing and/or Blanket for the warm months

Toys and Entertainment
Play Gym
Exersaucer for when they are a little older (7-9 months)
Assortment of rattles, lovies etc. You do not need too much as in those early days their favorite thing is going to be their mama and daddy’s faces! I will have some recommendations for you that are good for the first year and beyond!

Clothes and Season Essentials
Many expecting parents want to choose baby’s clothes and blankets and add them to the registry.  Don’t worry about adding too many. Sometimes, if you register early, some of the outfits you picked may no longer be available due to clothing turnover in the stores.
1-2 Coming Home Outfits
Newborn and 0-3 Month Onesies.
2-3 Pants Per Size
Zipper Sleep and Plays. You can use them, as their name indicates, to sleep or for daytime wear. But the zipper is key – weather a 4 am diaper change or a wiggly 9 month old on the changing table – the 20 snaps will not be missed!
Drool bibs
1-2 hats and hand covers for the newborn days.
4-5 socks or booties
Fleece jacket or bunting that is car seat safe for the winter months

Our deepest, heartfelt congratulations for you and your families on this exciting journey!

Brittany McGurran Baby Product Consultant