Virtual Caregiver Support Groups

You can attend the alska virtual caregiver support groups without having to find a respite caregiver, drive for miles or even put your shoes on. The virtual support groups are a part of your monthly alska subscription and you can attend as many as you want as a part of your $8.99 per month subscription. The support groups are facilitated and topic-specific rather than a chat room or discussion board. Simply check the alska calendar for upcoming meetings after you create your account and click on the link to join the group at the indicated time.

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Caregiving During a Crisis

March 18, 2020   |  11:30 AM Central Standard Time

This is a challenging time for everyone, even more so for anyone caring for a loved one who is already ill or vulnerable. In this virtual session we will discuss what you can do to minimize risk to yourself and your loved one as well as methods of managing stress and preparing in the event you need to rally the troops to assist with care needs.

Caregiver Support Group Tuesdays at 1:00 pm

Ongoing – Every Tuesday | 1:00 PM Central Standard Time

Join our virtual caregiver support group to discuss challenges common to family caregivers. Whether you are caring for a parent, sibling, child, partner or friend, you are not alone.