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Caregiving is about to get alot easier

Welcome Atlas Technologies Employees!

Complimentary Weekly Virtual Caregiver Support Group! Every Thursday at 9:00 pm Eastern.

Caregiving is most often a role we take on because we want the best for those we love. Whether you are providing care to an aging parent, grandparent, child, sibling, spouse, or partner, it is rewarding and can also be challenging.  We understand the challenges because we have been there. We created alska because we knew there had to be a better and less-stressful way to manage care with everything you need in one, secure easy-to-use portal.

  • Time-saving method of communication for everyone involved in the care
  • Secure, permission-based sharing of medical, legal, and financial information
  • Easier coordination and scheduling of appointments and events
  • Virtual caregiver support groups and live webinar education events
    Attend a complimentary virtual support group!
  • “Ask a Care Guide” helpline to find resources and support in your area
  • One-on-one virtual advocacy and care guidance sessions-Complimentary introductory session when you create a new account! Request your complimentary session here.
  • Expecting and New Parent Support

Finally a comprehensive solution for caregivers

Create Your Care Team

No more phone tag, group texts or repeating the same information over and over. Decide who to share information with and invite them in!

Set Permissions

Who can see what? You decide which members of your team can access medical, social, legal and financial content.

Upload Information

Medications, advance directives, biometrics, insurance cards can all be stored and shared securely.

Stay Connected

Share care updates to keep others up to date on your loved one's care.

Maternity & New Parent Support

While parents have always used the alska technology care portal to better manage their own health and the care of their children, we knew there was more we could do to support them. We now offer virtual support and expert guidance in addition to our technology solution that improves coordination of care.

A Secure and Online Solution

Create a chosen care team and share information that includes:

  • Care updates and birth announcements
  • Ultrasound and nursery photos
  • Link to baby gift registry
  • Financial and legal plans and documents
  • Medical documents such as immunization records, birth plans and nutrition plans
  • Calendar appointments helping everyone involved in care knows what’s hampering and when

Expert Expecting & New Parent Guidance and Support

Expecting and new parent support groups and live webinar education events. One-on-one virtual sessions with:

  • Lactation consultant
  • Birth doula
  • Baby registry and product specialist
  • Career coach to help plan for an easier return to work

Get additional support
if and when you need it.

Many caregivers find that the benefits of the care portal are all they need to stay organized and improve communication with others involved in care. Others choose to attend our virtual support groups and webinar events or utilize the Care Guide Helpline to find resources in their area. In a crisis, you may choose to schedule a virtual one-on-one session with our medically experienced care advocates. The freedom is in your hands!