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Create your complimentary account and access the connected caregiving tool, virtual support groups and other education events and resources. 


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To register for the virtual support groups and education events, click on the link “upcoming virtual support” on the notes page after you create your care portal.


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A platform for caregivers that offers secure, permission-based information sharing and an advanced level of connected caregiving.

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alska means love and we know that every caregiving endeavor begins with a desire to provide the care and support those most precious to us deserve. Whether you are providing care to a parent, child, sibling or spouse, you are not alone. 

Our robust platform allows you to securely store vital medical information while making it accessible to you and others you choose including family members, physicians and other professional care providers. No more three-ring binders, spiral notebooks or scraps of paper. Imagine having one secure place to store and access medication lists, advanced directives, discharge planning instructions or directions for care after a surgical procedure to make sure recovery is optimized.

Our social portal makes it easy to share tasks and provide one secure update that reaches everyone in the care team rather than multiple phone calls, long email threads, and group texting.