How can your organization benefit from alska?

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Senior Living and Healthcare Facilities

Keeping families, healthcare teams, and other support systems connected is key to optimal health and the well being of patients and residents. The ability to share vital information with families and other care providers can improve customer satisfaction and help build trusted relationships. Use the comprehensive älska platform to share news and events, educate caregivers and staff, and improve communication across the care continuum.


Estimates indicate there are over 45 million working caregivers in the U.S. These valuable employees are struggling with the demands of work and providing care for an ill or aging loved one. Keeping loved ones updated, coordinating medical appointments, and managing a medical crisis can mean lost time and diminished productivity at work. You can support the caregivers in your organization by providing alska as a valuable benefit that will optimize their time, diminish stress, and improve overall well being. The alska platform can also be utilized by employees to better manage their own health and the health of their family members by securely storing personal health records and arming them with the tools to better manage chronic disease.

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