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What Are My Health Record Rights

There is a growing movement to encourage health care consumers to become more engaged in their healthcare and a part of this is taking ownership of their health records. You might be wondering what are my health record rights?

One of these initiatives is being lead by and the Blue Button Initiative that facilitates accessing your records from providers that participate. Knowing what’s in your record and going one step further and actually taking control, is an important step in optimizing your health or a loved ones health who you are assisting. Many health care consumers have been under the impression that health care facilities control their health records and share them with who they decide to, when you sign their privacy policy. HIPAA, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was designed to make certain your records are not shared with anyone you don’t choose but there has been some patient confusion around this. Here are some important things to know:

You have the right to see ALL of your records.

You have the right to get your information, make sure it is correct and know who has seen it. While your records may currently be housed within a healthcare facility or on their server, it is your information.


Your provider can share health information with you face to face, over the phone or in writing.

A health care provider may also share relevant information if you give them permission to share it, if you are present and don’t object to them sharing it in front of someone or you are not present and your provider determines it is necessary and in your best interest to share it with another health professional or family member.


Health care providers may NOT discuss your health information with individuals you request they not share it with or with other third parties who you have not given permission to share it with.

This includes insurance companies or other entities that use information and data for various purposes.


Your health care information can be provided without your permission if it is acquired via subpoena or court order as a result of an investigation.

One example of this is if a health care provider is under investigation by a licensing board and their conduct is in question. Your records could be released without your knowledge but in this case any information that discloses your identity would be removed for your protection. It is becoming increasingly important to be engaged and actively involved in your health care. Accessing and taking ownership of your personal health records is an important first step in being an empowered health care consumer. Alska provides a secure place to store your health information and puts you in charge of who can see those records. You will have the ability to invite members into your care network and set strict permissions to what exact items they have can access. It is our goal to provide the tools you need to optimize your care or the care of those you hold most dear.