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Advocating for a Loved One

So many of us are, or have been, in a caregiving role for a friend or loved one and whether […]

Creating a Healing Environment at Home or in the Hospital

When battling a chronic or life-threatening disease, the focus is most often on the battle at hand. Little thought has been […]

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Tips for Hiring a Caregiver for in-home Help

When managing care for a loved one becomes too overwhelming for you to do alone, it is time to consider […]

Can I Ask My Doctor That?

If you’ve been reading my newsletters for any period of time, you know my ultimate goal is for patients and […]

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What You Need to Know About Observation Status

As of August 2015, President Obama signed a bill requiring hospitals to notify Medicare patients when they are receiving observation […]

4 Tips For Transitioning Care of A Loved One

There are moments on the caregiving journey when we must assist the one we are caring for through difficult but necessary […]

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Tips For Primary Caregivers

When you are the sole or primary caregiver for a loved one, it’s important to have both an emotional support […]

Diffusing Family Conflict Over Caregiving

Keeping families focused on the caregiving task at hand is paramount to optimal health outcomes and quality of life for the […]