How is Caregiving Different for Men?

Men tend to be less prepared. Unfortunately, we still live in a society that often sees caregiving as a female […]

At doctor office. Doctor holding mri xray and talking to patient

Getting the Most out of a Medical Appointment

Like most things in life, preparation is key to optimal outcomes. The right preparation for visits to your physician is […]


Easing the Transition Home from the Hospital

When you or a loved one are experiencing a prolonged stay in the hospital, the ultimate goal is to get […]

husband and wife holding their two kids

Advocating for a Loved One

So many of us are, or have been, in a caregiving role for a friend or loved one and whether […]

Senior mother and mature daughter portrait, 25 years between them

Tips for Hiring a Caregiver for in-home Help

When managing care for a loved one becomes too overwhelming for you to do alone, it is time to consider […]

old man holding a cane with his daughters hand on his

Helping a Loved One With End-of-Life Choices

  Being faced with end-of-life decisions in the midst of an unexpected health crisis is overwhelming, to say the least. […]

nurse with a patient

Communicating Effectively with Healthcare Teams

Like any industry, the healthcare industry has a language all its own. Some of it is comprised of specific and […]

choosing a health advocate

Choosing a Health Advocate

Having someone to advocate on your behalf when you are unable to advocate for yourself or simply having another voice […]