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What Are My Health Record Rights

There is a growing movement to encourage health care consumers to become more engaged in their healthcare and a part […]

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Helping a Loved One With End-of-Life Choices

  Being faced with end-of-life decisions in the midst of an unexpected health crisis is overwhelming, to say the least. […]

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Communicating Effectively with Healthcare Teams

Like any industry, the healthcare industry has a language all its own. Some of it is comprised of specific and […]

choosing a health advocate

Choosing a Health Advocate

Having someone to advocate on your behalf when you are unable to advocate for yourself or simply having another voice […]

Doing Your Research

In today’s world, information is literally at your fingertips. While this provides many benefits, it also can be difficult to […]


Managing a Health Crisis

Finding yourself thrown in the midst of a medical crisis, whether your own or by the side of a loved […]

Preparing for a Medical Appointment

The right preparation for visits to your physician can make the visit more productive and effective for both you and […]

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Building Your Healthcare Team

Building the care team that aligns with your health philosophy is a crucial step toward optimal health. It is also […]